Culture on the go

The importance of cultural awareness cannot be underestimated. Our global village habits can help but we still have to make lots of efforts to really learn about other cultures and countries. There are many roots into the heart and spirit of another nation. You can learn the basic facts about some country from an encyclopaedia or go and research online. You can read the literature of another country and therefore find out something about the history, way of living, traditions and habits pertinent to that part of the world. Learning a foreign language or at least finding out general things about the grammatical structure of it may give insight into the psyche of the foreign country. But there is nothing like real participation in the life of a nation to find out its cultural peculiarities. And in order to do that you need to travel a lot and be an active tourist or better still, stay for longer and become one with the locals. There are many intercultural exchange opportunities like au pair programs or student exchange programs. You need to take time to find out about the country of interest and these chances are perfect occasions. Working and studying in a foreign country will inevitably teach you many things about its realities, whether you like it or not. It comes naturally and becomes part of regular life instead of the efforts of theoretically ???learning' about culture from a book or documentary. So get to it. You will never regret the move.

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