Doing your bit for the planet

If you are fond of post-apocalypse movies you've probably seen the earth without humanity at least the director's version of the event should it happen. The worst horror of all, of course, is the fact that the projections of some cinematographers aren't far off from science fiction. There is overwhelming evidence that man has changed the environment on planet Earth dramatically. Changes continue to happen on a daily basis. But thankfully there are more and more people who realize the importance of going green and contributing to saving the planet. You can also take small steps to be on the right side. Start with your shopping habits. When you shop ask for a paper bag and instead of disposing of it put it back with you next time you go out. Buy products that have less packaging and that are marked as organic and fair-trade. You can find many companies are doing green versions of their products. These include items from eco yoga mat to ecological toys for you pets or eco friendly rushIMPRINT so don't forget your mission on the next shopping trip. Another step you can take is disposing of your garbage in an environmentally friendly way. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment in your apartment block, and if not, petition to get it. Recycling is a great measure to combat the problem of waste so contribute to promoting and actively using it. These are just initial ideas. Go and be creative.

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