Fair trade at a glance

Fair trade agreement is an expression at the tips of our tongues these days. Fair trade may be defined as a social movement and market-based approach that aims at helping producers in developing countries. Fair trade aims at promoting sustainability, wealth and prosperity in one pf the poorest nations of the world. Subsistent economies are constantly in the need for new markets for their produce and the receiving countries are attracted by the lucrative prices and the quality produce. Therefore fair trade agreements emerge and they are commercial deals under which distributors sell products of a given class at no less than a minimum price set by the manufacturer. There are more and more companies that forward social and environmental issues by signing fair trade agreements. Some companies producing eco friendly clothing go as far as to contribute a percentage of their profits to bettering the conditions of their workers in the Third World. There are rules under which ethical engagement rings are made with the respect and attention to the mining communities where the stones and metals for them are produced. In this way fair trade policies are helping other parts of the world to develop and catch up with the West. This is possibly the economical standards of the future so pay attention.

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