Goody or baddy: you decide

Anti-globalization is a huge phenomenon these days. It has many faces and introduces many ideas some of which may be contradicting. The core idea is the opposition of dominating large corporations as bearers of capitalism and greed. There is some good that anti-globalists have done through the years of the movement. Besides attacking concrete corporations for concrete deeds, anti-globalization activists generated the rhetoric of global integration and democratic representation in the world, together with the total advancement of human rights and egalitarian norms in economy as well as society. The critique of corporations as conglomerates of power and money-making, with more rights than the average citizen holds, has probably come to the front especially due to the anti-global movement. At the same time anti-globalists have discredited themselves on a number of occasions. They seem to forget about the freedom of choice that people as customers exercise deciding to go or not to go to fast food restaurants and chain retail venues. Instead they could have focused on the importance of educating and creating a generation of responsible customers who don't necessarily go for the cheapest product but for a product that is ethical and of good quality . Their protests have proven to be populist measures to attract maximum attention to their sometimes silly behaviour, actually undermining the important issues behind those protests. Thus, there are pros and cons of the movement. Whether you are in or out is a decision to take on your own.

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