3 most famous cuisines in the world

As much as cultures and people vary from country to country, the cuisine does as well. We all know general notions like European breakfast or Asian food, but what it means, in fact, you probably will not be able to explain if asked in the street. When you come to a different country you are always interested in the culture and the easiest way to start exploring it is to eat traditional food. So here are some of the most famous cuisines of the world and their peculiarities.

Italian is one of the oldest cuisines in the world. We usually imagine pizza, or pasta and ice cream with wine when thinking of Italy. But in fact Italian cuisine varies a lot depending on the region. For example in one region when ordering a soup you will get a cream soup and in another part of the country you will get a dish ran through hand mixers a couple of times which would look like a porridge. Italians eat in the morning and in the evening, in the afternoon they have siesta when they relax or eat something at home. So in case you appear to be hungry at around 3 PM, you'll have to wait for the restaurants to open at 5.

French is another world-known cuisine. French people have always been competing with Italian whose wine or cheese is better. But in the matter of fact, it is French cuisine which is thought of as haute cuisine (from "haute" - high, upper class - French). In the restaurant all over the world top chefs cook classical French food.

German cuisine is much more simple than Italian or French but nonetheless not less popular. German's culture is simple and the people there do not try to pretend being somebody else. Their cuisine is mostly known by the sausages, thousands of meat kinds and beer, but many people in the world admire the idea of Suerkraut (Ger. "sour cabbage") which later was spread all over Europe and now is widely used in Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian cuisines. Later on sour cabbage was adopted by American who chopped it with hand mixers and added to their salads.

Shelly Burton - a restaurant critic, about the different cuisines and how hand mixers changed and spread a dish to different countries.

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