New Rules of Fashion Trends

A lot of fashionistas still ask themselves the only question whether it is worth choosing their shoes the same color as their bag or whether is it a bad taste or a new old fashion rule.

Even ten years ago, fashion rules were very strict in this regard: with the black bag, it was necessary to choose black Rieker shoes, with the brown one - brown and likewise with any color. A young generation of fashion victims considers this rule very much yesterday because they think that it’s boring and trivial to wear a bag, shoes, and even a hat, gloves, and other accessories of one color. What rules to keep in mind when choosing shoes for bags? Let's discuss this subject in this article.

Shoes and bags in one color

Many girls adhere to this rule, because it is much easier to organize your wardrobe and the things in it. Black shoes and a black bag are a classic combination that will help you in any situation. People used to think that only girls with a conservative taste who do not want to take risks prefer an official-business style in every day. But this is not so, because a monotonous combination of shoes and bags is recommended for those who like to mix different styles, epochs, fabrics, prints and colors in their style. In this case, Rieker shoes and a bag in one color will draw attention to your clothes, not the accessories themselves. This applies more to shoes and bags in neutral colors, and to a lesser extent - in bright colors. A leopard bag and leopard shoes are considered too loud.

Try to pick up shoes and a bag which do not match each other, but match your clothes. If you wear a bright dress, neutral accessories and Rieker shoes will suit it perfectly well, and vice versa. If you want to wear a dress with a pattern, choose a bag and Rieker shoes of the color that contains the print too. There is nothing bad in simply picking up something (shoes or a bag) of the color of your clothes.

Shoes and bags in one color

If you are courageous enough to compare different materials and colors of Rieker shoes and accessories in one outfit, this will just talk about your individual style. Your task in choosing clothes is to show imagination and not be afraid to express your style through non-standard combinations, especially if it is not a strict work suit, but a holiday or a casual outfit.

Before you make a final decision, read a few more tips below on combining Rieker shoes and bags.

  • If you pick up Rieker shoes made of leather or its imitation, as well as to shoes with a pattern or embroidery, it is most appropriate to choose a bag in the same color, but in no case from the same material. And vice versa.
  • With Rieker shoes of bright color, you can apply a principle of the "traffic light”. For instance, you can pick up a bag in another bright color, preferably the color that is already present on your clothes. To match the Rieker shoes of base colors you should choose a bag in exactly the same color, but made from other material. For example, black suede Rieker shoes and a smooth leather clutch, a cotton white bag and white leather sandals.
  • It is not recommended to choose exactly the shoes and accessories of patent leather to each other, because the shiny materials look vulgar.
  • Black and white shoes are suitable for any bright color bag, for brown Rieker shoes choose a pastel shade.
  • Shoes with leopard print match a one-color bag in one of those colors that contains a print: black, brown, beige, etc.
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